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Kickpass is a stupid simple password safe. It keep each password in a specific safe, protected with modern cryptography. Its main user interface is command line.

Full documentation is available throught manual page kickpass(1):

man 1 kickpass

Quick help looks like:

usage: kickpass [-hv] <command> [<cmd_opts>] [<args>]

    -h, --help     Print this help
    -v, --version  Print kickpass version

    help <command>               Print help for given command
    init                         Initialize a new password safe directory. Default to ~/.kickpass
    create [-hgl] <safe>         Create a new password safe
    open <safe>                  Open a password safe and print its content on stdout
    edit [-pm] <safe>            Edit a password safe with $EDIT
    copy <safe>                  Copy a password (first line of safe) into X clipboard
    list                         List available safes
    delete <safe>                Delete a password safe after password confirmation
    rename <old_safe> <new_safe> Rename a password safe



$ kickpass create -g www/
[kickpass] master password:

$ kickpass cat www/
username: paulfariello

$ kickpass copy www/

Technical overview

Kickpass is built around a shared library named libkickpass.

libkickpass leverage libsodium to create safes.

Safes are created using authenticated encryption with associated data. As of now libkickpass use chacha20 along with poly1305 to encrypt and authenticate the safe.